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NDIS assures Active Goal of Disabled Individuals

NDIS assures Active Goal of Disabled Individuals

Glasshouse Mountains resident David Hayes is blown away by the provision that the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) given to him, after twenty years of his personal struggle in supporting himself.

David, who has a disability because he was born without legs and hands, did not have knowledge regarding NDIS thinking that it has nothing to do with people like him.

According to David, after his meeting with Carers Queensland, he did not know that things that matter to him and people like him could be helped with at all.

He added that simple things that can be done by an average 40-year-old man is unattainable for him due to his condition and NDIS can give him the support that will allow him to do so.

David was given a choice, appropriate to his NDIS plan, to upgrade his prosthetic legs to a more suitable leg for the daily active lifestyle. David told that he is a bowls player and enjoy such activity but due to his disability, he needs to adjust his choice of activities.

Swimming also falls under the interests of David to be a part of his active lifestyle. And through the NDIS, he is looking forward to swim in the surf at the beach after 20 years. 

Carers Queensland, the NDIS Local Area Coordination Partner will continue to provide David the necessary knowledge regarding the possible support avenues that David can maximize. Considering his prospective lifestyle, David’s demands should be adjusted towards the provision of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. 

He advised people like him should look into the NDIS because it can give opportunities for individuals with a disability.

According to David, a simple phone call is the only thing needed to determine what NDIS can offer. He added that if no one referred him NDIS, we wouldn’t even consider doing it. 

David also affirmed that his lifestyle in 2019 would be more active.


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