Disability Support Worker - Complex Support (Behaviour Support)

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Hello, nice to meet you! We’re Hireup, an online platform, and community for people with disability and their families, anywhere in Australia, to find, hire and manage local support workers who fit their needs and share their interests. We are growing our community nationally, so now is the perfect time to join the team.

About Hireup
At Hireup, you’ll become a critical part of an exciting team. Whether it’s support with personal care, getting to work or catching a footy game, we give individuals the tools and technology to pursue a good life on their own terms - a life of choice, independence and control.

Behaviour Support -  Duties and Responsibilities:
The support you will provide to someone with complex support needs varies for each person. Support needs and goals are directed by the person or their informal supports. Implement safe and effective infection control, identify risk and work within the parameters of your role.

They may include and not limited to
• Transport to appointments
• Shopping
• Personal care
• Reading and implementing complex support plans
• Support with social and community connections
• Requirements for complex support such as managing crisis and
assisting clients to access their professional networks.

Hours/Days of Work:
Hireup promotes flexibility in agreement with the individual or family you are working
with. Hours and days of work will vary and will be dependent on what the client
requires. No shift is the same.
Skills Required:
Experience in Behaviour Support?

• Passion for bringing the best out of people through a positive approach to behaviour support

• Experience in reading and implementing Positive Behaviour Support Plans

• Ability to report and manage the use of restrictive practices, potential risks and incidents.

• Work closely with the client and their support network to ensure the best outcomes for the individual.

• Possess incredible emotional intelligence and have a practical, empathetic, flexible approach.

• Previous experience in behaviour support and PART training or MAPA training

• Experience in managing complex situations while delivering safe and effective behaviour management support

• Exhibit adaptability, resilience, transparency, trustworthiness, and passion.

• Understanding of self care, boundaries and limit setting.

The skills required to complete the work will vary depending on the needs of the person seeking support. Importantly we promote connection through interests and hobbies as well as a sound understanding of Behaviour Support requirements. If you have experience in the following areas, support work may be a great career move to consider as your next opportunity: aged care / aged care worker; mental health support worker; personal care assistant; residential support worker; community support worker and community services; social worker; youth worker; nursing / nurse.

We truly care for and invest in our support workers. Through employment, training, great pay, and ongoing support, Hireup is committed to delivering the best support possible for people with disability.

• Flexibility and work-life balance: Work the hours you choose, accepting support shifts that fit within your schedule.

• Fair Pay: Hireup follows the disability services industrial award,
which means pay rates are guaranteed and determined annually. Our
pay covers penalty rates for higher wages when working nights,
weekends, or public holidays, as well as overtime. We also pay
superannuation and long service leave (where applicable) to support
the long-term financial security of our workers. A current chart of the pay rates will be discussed.

• All care: Taking care of our employees ensures that they can
do their best work. We provide paid training for support workers to
access learning opportunities and develop their skills. Plus there are
extra opportunities like support worker conferences and Hireup events.
• Full responsibility: Our support workers have access to a suite
of insurances covering all shifts worked on Hireup, including workers'
compensation. We have a dedicated employee support team to help
our employees get the most out of their job, and 24/7 incident response
if anything unexpected happens on shift. We take responsibility for
working conditions and employee wellbeing.

• Ongoing training and development opportunities: Paid
training for a quality disability support workforce. Hireup pays workers
for essential and specialised training.

COVID-19 response:
Hireup is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic to keep our community safe and supported. For more information on our COVID-19 response, please contact us.


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Disability Support Worker - Complex Support (Behaviour Support)
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