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The Benevolent Society is all about people. Our vision is a just society where all Australian’s can live their best life.

Right from the start, we’ve been there for anyone who needs us, at the heart of change.

We’ve helped people, families and communities achieve positive change since 1813.

We’re guided to reach our vision and face the challenges of every new day by our principles and values.

They provide a framework on how we work together, collaborate with others and make a positive difference to the community.

We provide a range of services to support clients and their communities with 2 primary focus areas:

To increase the safety of children in their families and communities in order to reduce the number of children in Out of Home Care (Child & Family)

To encourage health ageing and support clients experience the life they never thought was possible (Ageing & Disability)

In order to deliver outstanding services to clients, we rely on our extraordinary people.

Our values driven, performance-based culture, empowers our people to do their best work together.
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The Benevolent Society is all about people. Our vision is a just society where all Australian’s can live their best life.
To achieve this, we need great people on our teams. People who can deliver this vision with those we work alongside every day. It’s how we support others to live their life, their way.
We’d love the opportunity to work with you. Explore. Get to know us. And perhaps together we can create your work life, your way.

Work your way
The key to designing your work life, your way, is choice. We’re designing the way we work, right now.
Rewarding work. Flexible options. Packaged vehicles. Learning opportunities. Career development.
Our goal is to create work that works. For you, the clients we work with, your team, and The Benevolent Society.

Meet the team
Our aim is to welcome people to The Benevolent Society who are as diverse, unique and different as the people we support. What an amazing way to live our vision, as we advocate for social change.

We encourage people with disability, older people, younger people, carers, First Nations people, people of colour, people with lived experience, and LGBTQI+ people to join our teams. Just people really. All people.
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2E Wentworth Park Road,
Glebe NSW 2037, Australia
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