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Further Discounts and Dedicated Support

With Premium Access not only do you get access to all of our platforms powerful features, you get a whole array of benefits including discounts on Candidates On-Demand fees and discounts on any Job Posts.

A higher volume of Job Posts and a longer plan will also provide a greater discount. See pricing below for more.

Up To $200 Off Per Post

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Up To 10% Off Per Placement

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Premium Business Profile

Promote Your Brand, Elevate Your Business

The practice or company profile is a unique page on the HealthcareLink website with your own brand’s logo, video and brochure to share with jobseekers.

This business profile is actively promoted on the platform to members that match up with the profiles description and preferences, and highlighted in the employer search portal. Interested members can connect directly to your profile. Your job posts and articles also appear on your Business Profile.

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Premium Articles

Become A Thought Leader

Article Writer

Write thoughtful and highly relevant industry-related articles, reply to discussion points and become a thought leader with our Article Writer. Attract the right type of talent by showing them you care about the same issues.

Your articles are linked to your business profile, actively promoted via weekly/monthly newsletters to our members and on our newsfeed, and shown at the top of the list on our Industry News site “The Link”. Your articles are only promoted to the exact type of members you’d like to show via tags and keywords that match their preferences.

Premium Shared Posts

Engage The Community

Want to spark discussion, or simply share some great news?

We have you covered with our Share Tool. Share your jobs, articles, images or videos with your connections and followers, and reply to their comments and feedback. You can also choose your best shared posts to promote, and get them shown to more relevant members and connections.

Share Tool

Professional Connections

Reach Out & Connect

With Premium Access you are provided with Professional Connections. This allows you to use our Professional Search Tool to browse through our member-base of over 60,000 healthcare & medical professionals and send a message to connect with them and get access to their profile.

Once the professional grants you access to their profile and connects with you, you are able to message them on the platform and engage in a conversation. Here you are free to invite them to an open position, save them in your future candidate pool, or make a personal connection.

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