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Are you a recruiter in the care and community support industry? Do you want to source the best-matched candidates from an all-in-one platform? Join Newly by HealthcareLink’s select group of recruitment partners to promote your jobs via our extensive online network, receive personalised candidate support services, and get in front of your best candidates sooner.

As a recruitment partner of Newly by HealthcareLink, you can also opt to provide recruitment support services to our 100+ employer members. Employers with vacancies may submit a request for recruitment support via the Candidate Support process to be serviced by Newly’s Recruiter partners. When the candidate support request is accepted, the Recruitment partner will work exclusively on the request for an agreed length of time.

Recruiters use Newly’s platform to hire for multiple providers and organisations through one of the Newly Partner Program’s flexible options below. Choose one to receive significant discounts on postings, access our support services specifically tailored to your needs as a recruiter, find a greater volume of the right applicants, recruitment support requests and increase your rate of placement.

Job Ads

  • Get Access to Profiled Applicants from the Newly Platform & Network

Candidate Support

  • Get access to Screened Candidates from the Newly Platform & Network

Recruitment Support

  • Get access to Candidate Sourcing requests directly from Newly Employer Network.
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Benefits/Features For Recruiters

Industry focussed, Build strong relationships
Industry focussed, Build strong relationships

HealthcareLink is dedicated to simplifying the complexities of candidate sourcing and recruitment in the medical and healthcare industry. This allows you, as our recruitment partner, to build deep networks within the one industry, rather than being spread thinly across many.

Active support, Strong partnership
Active support, Strong partnership

We provide all our recruitment partners with comprehensive support and the full suite of technological systems to be an efficient Healthcare Recruiter Partner.

Flexible systems, Intuitive technology
Flexible systems, Intuitive technology

A great recruiter needs to juggle many balls in the air – manage and track candidates, liaise and strengthen relationships with employers and do it all on a timely basis! To solve all of these issues and more, HealthcareLink has created the unique platform that allows you to manage both sides of the recruitment equation – candidates and job vacancies – while matching candidates to jobs. Best of all, it’s all in the cloud, so you can work from wherever you like.

Stand out from other recruiters
Stand out from other recruiters

Your employer account allows you to create a unique practice or company profile with your own brand, logo, video and brochure to share with jobseekers. This will give your jobs and business higher rankings in Google and search engines than your competitors.

On-demand candidate search and referral support
On-demand candidate search and referral support

At HealthcareLink, we know that sometimes, you just don’t have the time or resources to spare when there is a vacancy of your clients to manage the candidate sourcing process. Not to worry - our professional referral support partner team can help. Our partners are committed to matching the right candidate who fits your job criteria and assisting you with screening on your behalf for a successful placement. Our partners can tailor and customise a package that makes the whole end-to-end job advertisement and selection process easy for you. Call on 1300 132 920 to get in touch with one of our partners and discuss the right solution for you.

What our partners & clients say?

Ozhealth Australasia

Katarina Petric, OzHealth Australasia

“We have been a partner with HealthcareLink since it was founded. We placed many candidates through this great partnership.

Fullerton Health

Sandra Campbell, Fullerton Health

Platform is easy to use, lot more information is there, not clunky compare to other platform, Healthcare specific matching attributes.

Health Work force Queensland

Alex Cassey, Health Workforce Queensland

“More than 50% of the qualified candidates we get is from HealthcareLink site"

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