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Allied Health Assistants work under the direct supervision of health care professionals (such as doctors and nurses) to provide therapeutic and program-related support in a variety of assistant roles such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy, podiatry, speech pathology and nutrition. AHAs can offer great value in supporting group activities. They can also be useful in helping to implement programs or routines that involve frequent repetition, such as exercise programs, communication programs or training in daily living activities such as cooking.

There are four main areas in which an Allied Health Assistant can perform a number of tasks under the supervision of the relevant therapist

Community Health Nursing Aide or Assistant

Provides care for the sick, aged, disabled in the home and those on prolonged periods of bed rest, including personal hygiene care such as showering, bathing and dressing. Makes sure the client has a healthy diet

Occupational Therapy Aide or Assistant

Assists with the provision of client based services in a home; clinic; hospital; or day centre setting. Constructs, adjusts and fits aids and equipment, including splints. Under direction of an Occupational Therapist, assists clients in self-care, skills of daily living, diversional and other rehabilitation activities

Physiotherapy Aide or Assistant

Assist clients with exercise or rehab programs, delivers self-care and rehabilitation equipment to the patient at home, in hospital or in a clinic setting. Adjusts equipment to suit the client’s needs and demonstrates the use of equipment. Lifts transfers and generally assists in moving patients within their homes or to hospitals or places of treatment

Speech Pathology Aide or Assistant

Assist in the provision of therapy to clients once a Speech Pathologist has assessed the client and devised a suitable program. Assists and trains clients in the use of electronic and non-electronic alternative communication systems. Helps to make or prepare equipment to use with clients

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