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About Healthcare and medical jobs in Bairnsdale & Gippsland

Find care and support jobs in Bairnsdale & Gippsland.

Living in and working in GP jobs, Practice Nurse jobs in Bairnsdale and Gippsland, VIC

Whether you are looking for a tree-change or a sea-change, the Bairnsdale and Gippsland region of Victoria is a great choice which will deliver you a slower pace of life while still being able to enjoy the services and amenities of modern life.

Gippsland is a region located in the south-eastern part of Victoria, covering an area of 41,556 square kilometres. It extends from the east of Melbourne’s eastern suburbs to the north of Bass Strait, and to the south of the Black-Allan Line that forms part of the Victorian and New South Wales border, and to the east and southeast of the Great Dividing Range. Major towns in Gippsland include Bairnsdale, 281 kilometres from Melbourne, Traralgon, 161 kilometres from Melbourne and Sale, 212 kilometres from Melbourne.

The region’s economy is mostly based around natural resources such as agriculture, forestry, fishing, coal mining and oil and gas extraction. More than a third of the region’s businesses are involved in agriculture and fishing, while aged and health care has been growing strongly in recent years.

Gippsland has a population of  around 256,000 people. The largest town is Traralgon with 24,590 people while Bairnsdale has a population of  14,271.  Federation University has a campus at Churchill, and there are several TAFEs in the region.  There are many primary and secondary schools, both public and private, in the region. Many cultural and sporting facilities exist, with recreation pursuits from snow skiing and fishing to football and cricket, through to art galleries, musicals, comedy and opera.

Healthcare Jobs and Medical Careers in Bairnsdale and Gippsland, VIC

The Latrobe Regional Hospital in Traralgon is one of Gippsland’s biggest employers, treating around 130,000 people every year. It is a teaching hospital closely affiliated with Monash University’s School of Rural Health and Federation University. Smaller hospitals, both public and private, are found elsewhere in the region.  The healthcare and social assistance sector is the biggest source of employment, accounting for 13.3% of Gippsland’s jobs.

The Gippsland Primary Health Network (PHN) supports health professionals in the region. Support networks for this region include indigenous, maternal health, diabetes management, immunisation, mental health and alcohol and other drugs.

The median house price in Traralgon is more affordable than Melbourne at $270,000 while the average weekly rent is $290 per week.  In Bairnsdale the median house price is $255,000 and the average weekly rent is $280 per week. The best ranked suburbs to live in are Wonthaggi, Cape Wollamai, Warragul, Inverlock and Drouin.

The quickest way to get to Gippsland from Melbourne is by car on the Princes Highway. V/Line also operates train services to parts of Gippsland as far as Bairnsdale.

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