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About Healthcare and medical jobs in Coffs Harbour & North Coast

Find healthcare and medical jobs in Coffs Harbour & North Coast.

Living and working in healthcare jobs in Coffs Harbour & North Coast NSW

The North Coast is blessed with more than its fair share of breathtaking valleys and alluring coasts. But the fascination does not end there. The promise of a laid-back and quintessentially Aussie lifestyle beckons and the multitudes, not surprisingly, follow.

The country region lies north-east of the state of New South Wales in Australia, and is dotted with sandy beaches that are swathed in a pleasant subtropical climate all through the year. The area begins at Seal Rocks, 275 kilometers north of Sydney, and extends as far north as Woolgoolga, 562 kilometers north of the city, with a total distance of about 400 kilometers. Coffs Harbour is one of the largest urban centres of the region. The coastal city boasts an estimated population of 69,403, much of which is a younger population, with an average age of 33 years.

Coffs Harbour and the North Coast, have been fondly known as ‘Bananacoast’ after the abundant banana produce that comes from the many plantations in the region. Logging is another age-old industry that has roots in the region’s past. Although these days blueberry farming, tourism and fishing are highly lucrative industries that are superseding the traditional trades. Health Care and Social Assistance is the top industry that employs a workforce of 13,634. The area is catching up quickly with the Internet age, as start-ups are noticed mushrooming. And organizations like Google, Altassian and Design Crowd have not missed an opportunity to open up small offices in the area.

Healthcare Jobs and Medical Careers in Coffs Harbour & North Coast NSW

The Coffs Harbour city has abundant infrastructure and amenities for the community. There is a campus of Southern Cross University, a public and a private hospital and three major shopping centres located here. The region is laden with numerous national parks, including a marine national park situated at Coffs Harbour. North Coast, is the Primary Health Network area (PHN), and includes Coffs Harbour Regional Hospital. The hospital provides a list of services including and not limited to emergency care, intensive care, psychiatry and oncology.  

The region is well connected with regular flights to Sydney and Melbourne departing from Coffs Harbour Airport. The area is easily accessible by road as well and three major bus services run. The rail, however, remains the fastest and cheapest mode of transportation.

With median weekly rents of $250 and median monthly mortgage repayments of $1560, housing in the city is less affordable than other regional areas in the state. But the high demand is seemingly sustained with a staggering high of 65.40% home ownership across the region.

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