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About Healthcare and medical jobs in Dubbo & Central NSW

Find healthcare and medical jobs in Dubbo & Central NSW.

Living and working in healthcare jobs in Dubbo and Central NSW

Dubbo is the epitome of the Australian regional city – cattle farms and city cafes are within minutes of each other; people are relaxed, friendly and welcoming. Vibrant, with world-class restaurants, wineries, markets, fashion retailers, parks and facilities, life in Dubbo is a package deal.

Dubbo lies at the heart of Central New South Wales (NSW), nestled in the beautiful Macquarie Valley. The economic drivers of the region are agriculture and mining, as well as tourism. In and around Dubbo, the growing industries also include health, retail, education, government services, manufacturing, construction, business services and transport. Central NSW is well positioned as a growing mining services centre with flourishing projects.

Being the main population center of Central NSW, Dubbo prides itself on its tertiary education institutions, namely Charles Sturt University, the Western Institute of TAFE – Dubbo Campus and the University of Sydney’s School of Rural Health. It has extensive medical, health, welfare, educational, recreational, cultural and shopping facilities, while state and federal government departments have established regional offices in the City.

Healthcare Jobs and Medical Careers in Dubbo and Central NSW

Dubbo is the headquarters of the Western NSW Local Health District which stretches from Lithgow in the east to Broken Hill in the west. The Western NSW Primary Health Network (WNSW PHN) caters to health professionals in this region. Besides the diverse health care delivered, this region has the largest rural mental health service in Australia. This is because in spite of being sparsely populated, some of the most vulnerable population with a lower socio-economic status, shorter life expectancy and poorer health inhabit this region. The health sector focuses on special care to mitigate risk factors that contribute to poorer health including substance abuse and obesity, that this group requires, along with health issues that are pertinent to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, who constitute 11% of the regional population.

Dubbo is where the Newell, Mitchell and Golden Highways meet. From Sydney, the drive northwest to Dubbo is about five hours, while it is also well connected by trains and flights. This city is home to the famous Taronga Western Plains Zoo, is rich with gorgeous gardens and conservation areas perfect for picnics.

The housing affordability and general ‘liveability’ is an advantage for attracting both families and businesses. Dubbo’s median house price is about $300,000, while the median weekly rent is $200. What Dubbo promises is an attractive lifestyle, with all the services of the big cities, without the price tag or traffic.

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