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About Healthcare and medical jobs in Richmond & Hawkesbury

Find healthcare and medical jobs in Richmond & Hawkesbury.

Living and working in healthcare jobs in Richmond and Hawkesbury NSW

The Hawkesbury is a land blessed with brimming wetlands, rolling hills, timbered ridges, precipitous gorges and four river valleys with their fertile flood plains. The many close-knit townships and localities dotting the region are home to nearly 16,000 families, offering the residents an ideal mix of rural and urban neighbourhoods.

Located at the foot of the picturesque Blue Mountains, on the alluvial Hawkesbury River flats, Richmond, is one of the Hawkesbury’s five major towns. The British settlers who originally explored the area named it ‘Richmond Hill’ for the terrain. It is a mere 62 kilometres north-west of Sydney and the continuing expansion of Sydney’s suburban area until Richmond has made it more of an outer suburb.

Historically, the Hawkesbury has been a major supplier of agricultural products to the entire NSW. And agriculture retains its position as an important industry for the district. A few secondary industries have developed that indicate a strong export potential. Manufacturing, retail trade, public administration & safety and healthcare & social assistance are top employers, with health and social assistance generating 2,192 jobs in the region.

Richmond is known for its historical buildings and a beautiful park at the town centre. The region is surrounded by a stretch of remnant-eucalypt woodland area which supports endangered bird species like regent honeyeaters and swift parrots. The Hawkesbury district has many schools, TAFE and university campuses, including the campus of the prestigious Western Sydney University.

Healthcare Jobs and Medical Careers in Richmond and Hawkesbury NSW

The Hawkesbury District Health Service is operated by St John of God Health Care. They provide for integrated healthcare and allied health services for the local community through a network of public and private hospitals. The Hawkesbury campus of the St. John of God also houses a teaching hospital for the University of Notre Dame. The Private Health Network (PHN) area is the Nepean Blue Mountains NSW and the Hawkesbury Hospital is the medium metropolitan hospital here.

The region is easily accessible and transport is convenient. The Bells Line of Road which leads through the Blue Mountains starts in Richmond and terminates at Lithgow. Richmond railway station is connected by the Sydney Trains network.

With all the right amenities, the Hawkesbury is a desirable place to live. Richmond particularly shows great promise for property investors, scaling a change of 7 to 8 percent in housing prices over the years. Today, the median housing prices in Richmond stand at $650,500, and median weekly rents at $430.

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