Candidate Request

Get access to Pre-Screened & Interview-Ready Candidates from our platform.

How Candidate Request Works



Create a job and submit a Candidate Request with your specific candidate criteria


We will actively match your request with a Pre-Screened & Interview-Ready Candidates pool, vetted by industry experts


Receive candidates that match your exact criteria who are active and have indicated that they are interested in your job


Select your preferred candidates, invite them with your offer for an interview


Get interview coordination, credentialing, onboarding and placement support for the selected candidates. Pay only for succesfully interviewed and hired candidates

Candidate Request Features

Candidate Activation & Matching

Candidate Activation involves:

  • Matching your specific candidate criteria to source and activate the best-matched candidates from our platform
  • Review the pool of matched members from the platform to identify potentially interested members and invite them to apply to your job
  • Active outreach to members on the platform who aren’t seen to be an exact match but may have grown in their career and would be ready for new roles in the coming months.
Candidate Activation & Matching

Candidate Screening

The Candidate screening process involves the vetting of all the information recorded by the candidate, as well as additional insight into their suitability for their needs as below.

Included Screening Support:

  • Candidate photo acquisition
  • Resume verification
  • Vetting via phone screen of recorded profile information
  • Details of two work related referees
  • Further information sourced at time of phone screen:
    1. Distance willing to travel for work
    2. Any cultural or ethical boundaries that need to be considered
  • Assessment of English comprehension level
  • Assessment of attitude / engagement
  • Any health conditions that may impact ability to work
  • Skills, equipment and types of clients with which the candidate has experience
  • Checking AHPRA / ESSA /ASAR and other relevant regulatory bodies to ensure candidate has current valid registration to practice
Candidate Screening

Candidate Credentialing

Credentialing Support will get you access to essential credential documents and receive candidates that are ready-to-interview, ready-to-work and ready-to-integrate straight into your team.

The documents provided as shown below confirms that the screened candidate will meet your organisation's compliance requirements.

Included Credentialing Support:

  • Two Referee Reports
  • Qualification Documents
  • Certification Documents
  • Academic and Registration Documents
  • Vaccination / Immunisation Documents
  • Current Police Check + Tribunal/Legal/Complaints Checks
  • Working with Children Checks
  • 100 Points of ID + Licences
  • Visa Status / Work Rights Documents
Candidate Credentialing

Candidate Onboarding and Placement Support

Choose Onboarding and Placement Support to get connected with a dedicated account manager and expert for your specific industry who will manage your candidate placements.

They will provide you with ongoing priority phone support before, during, and after the hiring process.

Included Placement Support:

  • Presenting the offer/contract on behalf of the client
  • Contract negotiations
  • Assistance to complete relevant Medicare / AHPRA / PESCI paperwork as required
  • Hand holding the candidate from offer to commencement
  • Assisting with any onboarding requirements
  • Coordinating between the candidate and client when physical relocations are in progress

Benefit of Placement Support:

  • Pre-agreed fixed price
  • Pay only on success
  • Zero obligations until placement
  • Placement guarantee
  • Monthly instalment payment option
  • Assisting with any onboarding requirements
  • Coordinating between the candidate and client when physical relocations are in progress
Candidate Onboarding and Placement Support

Pay per candidate, your next hire is only a few clicks away

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