Hiring Options & Pricing

Choose your preferred hiring option and find the best-matched professionals

  • Candidates On-Demand
  • Receive best-matched candidates that have been shortlisted by our platform plus screened & credentialed by our local experts.
  • Process
  • Let our online platform shortlist a curated group of select candidates that match your exact criteria and are interested in your job
  • Receive a quality selection of pre-screened & credentialled, ready-to-work, ready-to-interview candidates, hand picked by your personal industry expert & account manager
  • Select your preferred candidates and ideal match and provide your best offer to invite them for an interview
  • Pay-on-success model, where you only incur a cost upon the successful placement of a candidate once you've interviewed and hired them. You have option to choose Pay-to-connect model, where you only incur a cost once you are ready to unlock the right candidate
  • Plus
  • Get connected with a dedicated account manager for your specific industry
  • Your dedicated account manager will manage candidates & communication
  • Get on-going priority phone support during, and after the hiring process
  • Guaranteed candidate replacement if any issues arise
  • Price on request
    Send your request to get pricing. No obligation.
  • Request Now

  • Job Post
  • Publish Job as standard, get direct & auto-matched applicants.
  • Process
  • Publish your job post for 30 days and make unlimited edits
  • Easily manage posts & job seekers through our Job Post Platform
  • Get Full Access to profiles of professionals that apply to your job post
  • $195
    Price excludes GST

  • Job Post Premium + Pro Access
  • Get Premium Posting + Pro Access. Find the exact talent you are looking for by utilising our entire suite of sourcing & branding tools.
  • Process
  • Publish your job posts for 30 days and make unlimited edits to each post
  • Easily manage posts & job seekers through our Job Post Platform
  • Get Full Access to profiles of professionals that apply to your job post
  • Premium Features
  • Promote your company & brand alongside the job post
  • Elevate your job pitch by publishing an info-video on your job post
  • See your job post promoted, highlighted & trending in search results/job alert notifications
  • Reach a wider range of targetted professionals through various Premium Partner sites & job boards
  • Recieve criteria-matched professionals directly to your inbox
  • Send out job invitivations to a pool of auto-matched professionals with 20 Job Invitation Credits
  • Engage the HealthcareLink community with your personalised job referral rewards program
  • Professional Promotional Access
  • Create and promote your professional business profile, complete with website, logo, video, and photos helping to promote your business brand. Stand out from other employers through promoted profile listing features
  • Increase brand awareness by publishing highly relevant industry articles using our platform tools
  • Professional Connection Access
  • Seek out and connect with industry professionals on our platform of over 25,000 members with 20 Profile Access Credits
  • *Add additional post, invitation, and/or access credits when needed.
  • $495
    Price excludes GST
  • Post Now
  • Explore more about - Premium Posting + Pro Access

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