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About Healthcare and medical jobs in Canberra

Find healthcare and medical jobs in Canberra.

Living and working in GP jobs, Practice Nurse jobs in Canberra, ACT

Nestled in a cozy spot, between pristine ski slopes and sandy beaches, Canberra’s breathtaking mountain views, and wild outdoors set the tempo for adventure. The city exudes power, dynamism and exuberance, both as a seat of government and as a socio-cultural hub for the rest of the country. It is a young city contained within the multilayered folds of the Australian Capital Territory. Here it is natural to feel proud.

Canberra is spread into rugged plains, rolling hills and forested mountains. Located at the northern end of the ACT, the city lies 280km south-west of Sydney and 660km north-east of Melbourne with a resident population of 180,000.

Canberra is a planned city with its design influenced by the garden city movement. Surrounding parks and reserves offer interesting walking trails and biking paths. Popular cultural events, such as National Folk Festival and the Royal Canberra Show, dot the calendar.

Healthcare Jobs and Medical Centre Jobs in Canberra, ACT

The economy is robust, with over 25,000 small and large businesses thriving here. It is the vision of industry and government stalwarts to transform Canberra into a global data hub. Hallmark biotechnology research facilities at Canberra are recognised globally for leading capabilities in genetics, immunology, molecular bioscience, neuroscience, and medical devices. Healthcare and Social assistance is the second largest employer, proving for more than 21,300 jobs.

Almost all educational institutions in the ACT are located at Canberra. There are over 140 public and non-governmental schools. Two main tertiary institutions that have campuses here are – the Australian National University (ANU) in Acton and the University of Canberra (UC) in Bruce. Vocational education is also available through the multi-campus Canberra Institute of Technology.

Australian Capital Territory PHN supports the professionals in the region. Canberra has two large public hospitals that also double-up as teaching institutions – Canberra Hospital at Garran and Calvary Public Hospital in Bruce. The Calvary John James Hospital in Deakin is the largest private hospital and Healthscope’s National Capital Private Hospital is an important healthcare facility. Additionally, the city has 10 aged care facilities. The ACT Ambulance Service and NETS provide ambulance services within the ACT and into surrounding New South Wales.

The arterial roads from Canberra lead into NSW countryside, and other regions. There are a variety of transport options for easy conveyance. Housing is available at premium prices – median housing price of $1M and median weekly rent of $600. But high employment and great expendable income means that Canberrans can enjoy the perks of a savvy lifestyle!

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