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About Healthcare and medical jobs in Regional Western Australia (WA)

Find care and support jobs in Regional Western Australia (WA).

Living and working in GP jobs, Practice Nurse jobs in Regional WA

Ranging from white sandy beaches in the north, lush vineyards and forests in the south-west to the arid red dirt of the outback, with a surface area of over 2.5 million square kilometres, there is a spectrum of landscapes to choose from, in regional Western Australia. Each of the nine regional areas exhibits distinct and diverse traits:

  • Gascoyne, with world heritage listed sites in Shark Bay and Ningaloo Reef.
  • Goldfields-Esperance encompassing the Great Western Woodlands, red deserts and beaches.
  • The Great Southern, with its rich, varied history of Albany’s whaling past and wartime service.
  • The Kimberley’s stunning landscapes and nature with superb ecological and cultural tourism.
  • The Mid-West, a globally-recognised biodiversity hotspot, and the state’s dominant logistics hub, a major gateway to Asia.
  • The Peel, an epicentre of ‘super boomers’, offering affordable housing and enviable lifestyle options.
  • Pilbara, an economic powerhouse, producing 95% of WA’s iron ore, servicing the north-west shelf oil and gas fields.
  • The South-West with a diverse economy, a natural environment and numerous opportunities.
  • The Wheatbelt, WA’s agricultural leader, contributing half the state’s agricultural output.


Healthcare Jobs and Medical Centre Jobs in Regional WA

A population of around 600,000 people reside here, most living in coastal areas. Many of those living inland inhabit some of the most remote places on earth. Most Regions have a Gross Regional Product (GRP) higher than Perth. Pilbara alone accounts for 7.45% of WA’s annual Gross State Product (GSP), followed by the South-West at 6.4%. The Healthcare sector employs a workforce of about 20,000, accounting for 8.4% of jobs.

A network of schools, colleges, regional TAFEs and regional campuses of West Australian Universities serve the education needs of the community. Regional Healthcare is unique, with a remote outreach. Country WA Primary Health Network is the PHN for Regional WA and the WA Country Health Service provides healthcare services to the regional population, with a strong network of public hospitals and nursing posts located across rural and remote WA. The State Government’s Royalties for Regions scheme funds unique programs such as regional aged-care, Remote Aboriginal health and mental health clinics, Cardiovascular Screening, Regional Dialysis and Coronary Care Services, South West Emergency Helicopter, Royal Flying Doctor Service, St Johns Ambulance and Emergency Telehealth.

The average median housing price in the Regions is $360,000 and the average weekly rent is about $360. Living here is an opportunity to step back in time with Aboriginal history and culture and view life through the western desert window. The beauty of the natural environment, a lifestyle that revolves around camping, fishing, water sports and the many varied events, the sense of belonging and wellbeing from small-knit communities and adventure without borders – the allure of a regional life constantly beckons the urbanites of WA.

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