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Living and working in GP jobs, Practice Nurse jobs in Tasmania

Tempting culinary delights from exquisite wine, to fresh seafood, boutique cheese and sumptuous produce; rolling flatlands and ancient mountains with spectacular cliffs set against pristine blue sea; unique wildlife and awe-inspiring biodiversity that flourishes in nature. Tasmania epitomises island living in every sense of the word.

Located 240kms to the south of the Australian mainland, separated by the Bass Strait, it includes the main island of Tasmania, as well as the 334 surrounding islands. The state has a population of around 519,100 and major population centres are distributed around estuaries.

Tasmania is the most mountainous state in Australia and it remains thickly forested in several areas. The rare temperate rainforests of the Southwest National Park and neighbouring areas are among the last of their kind. Tourists flock to Mona for a contemporary art experience. Port Arthur, rich in convict history, provides detailed excursions and day tours. And Cataract Gorge, a unique natural wonder, is a popular attraction.

Healthcare Jobs and Medical Centre Jobs in Tasmania

Traditionally, Tasmania’s main industries have been Mining, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Fishing, and Forestry. The state also has substantial food exporting sectors. The booming Tourism industry is increasingly becoming a backbone to the region’s economy. Healthcare and Social Assistance is a top employer generating over 30,600 jobs, followed by Retail Trade and Education & Training.

The Tasmania Primary Health Network (PHN) supports the professionals in the region. The State Government Department of Health and Human Services is responsible for the public health system. A high proportion of ageing population puts significant demands on the healthcare infrastructure here. The Royal Hobart Hospital, located in Hobart, is the main public general hospital. Calvary Health Care – St Vincent’s and St Luke’s, located in central Launceston, are private hospitals servicing the region. A number of regional hospitals provide a range of general and specialised services across Tasmania.

Finding transportation is easy, and interconnectivity is good throughout the region. The primary form of transportation within the state is by road, and regular upgrade and maintenance activities keep them functional. Hobart International Airport and Launceston Airport, along with an array of smaller airports provide air access. Rail transport consists of narrow-gauge lines to major population centres and to remote forestry and mining operations. The port of Hobart is the second deepest natural port in the world, and it caters to commercial and recreational shipping.

With median housing price of $315,000 and median weekly rent of $310, Tasmania offers enticing opportunities and affordable housing. And an idyllic existence, a little away from the rest of the world.

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